Prayer: November 2020

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Please keep this prayer list close and pray during this month for God’s work in Vanuatu.


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We thank God for Dr Trelly and his work in the Medical Santo clinic.  His care and treatment for  each patient and his support of the staff makes for an enjoyable workplace even on the busiest of days. 
Medical Santo and the clinic patients are blessed to have him in the clinic.
We pray for Judith as she continues to manage the clinic, staff and all of the services provided during the Covid 19 pandemic.  With no additional overseas volunteers the staff have been carrying a heavy load.   Please pray for Judith as she puts long hours into the clinic and provides care and support for both patients and staff.
We pray for nurse Rachael and her ministry to the Vanuatu people. We thank God for her nursing abilities and for the medical care she provides to so many people.
 COVID-19:  We thank God that Covid 19 is not in Vanuatu.  It would have devastating results throughout the islands.   Please pray for the leaders of Vanuatu and for spiritual guidance in their decisions to keep Covid out.
 We thank God for bringing Lucian and his family to Santo and God leading him to volunteer with Medical Santo.  Lucian is kept very busy with logistics and supporting the clinic which allows the medical staff to focus on treating and caring for our patients. Please pray for Lucian’s wife Jaylyne and Isaac, Noah and Lavinia, their three wonderful children.
We thank God for keeping the team safe that went up the West Coast Santo recently.  They provided medical attention to many communities and supplied and fitted tarps to numerous homes without rooves that were lost during Cyclone Harold. 

Please pray for each of our clinic staff.

Dr Trelly, full time doctor,  Deni, office manager,   Jaylyne and Lizianne reception and cleaning,  Judith, clinic manager/nurse. 

Atrine and Alfred in community based inclusive development,   Norine, nursing assistant.

John, gardening and maintenance,  Rachael, nurse/midwife.

Lucian, project development and maintenance.


Gerry WeatherallPrayer: November 2020