Prayer: September 2020

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We thank God for bringing Dr Trelly into the Medical Santo team.  He is full time at the clinic and is enjoying the medical challenges.  Dr Trelly has recently spent a few years working in different states around Australia and has a broad range of specialities. Thank God that we have received 160kg of medications at the clinic this last week as … Read More

Gerry WeatherallPrayer: September 2020

President’s Greeting

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I have to start by thanking all of our very important medical volunteers, maintenance and other volunteers, as well as local and international supporters who provide the personnel, resources, equipment and finances that have allowed Medical Santo to provide much needed medical care to so many people in communities around Santo and the northern islands.   The Medical Santo staff and volunteers have done … Read More

Gerry WeatherallPresident’s Greeting

WANTED: full time Medical Practitioner

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We are seeking a full time Medical Practitioner to provide GP services in the Medical Santo clinic. This will include mentoring and liaison at the local hospital. Clinical governance, advice, and supervision of volunteer professionals. This role is instrumental in the further development of the clinic and will provide many rewarding challenges.

Gerry WeatherallWANTED: full time Medical Practitioner