Current Positions

If you or someone you know would like to know more about these positions, please email us at and we will contact you to discuss all aspects of these life changing opportunities.

URGENT— Medical Santo has need for long term Medical Santo Clinic Doctor. MORE

URGENT— Medical Santo has need for a Clinic Practice Manager for a minimum 4 month commitment. MORE

Volunteer health professionals urgently needed

We are looking for volunteer professionals to help operate our specialist clinics which include specialist medical, dental, optical, maternal, and child health services. As many of the local community have significant difficulty travelling to the medical clinic, we also operate rural out reach services across Espiritu Santo and to nearby Islands.

Volunteer Doctors (experience required)

We need doctors who have the experience to adapt to the limitations of practicing in a developing country, who will respect and work with the local culture and who are able to provide supervision to less experienced practitioners and to students.

Experience in developing countries or rural and indigenous health settings would be an advantage.

Volunteer Midwives (minimum 3 years experience)

There is a significant shortage of midwifes at the Northern Provincial Hospital (NPH) in Luganville, the major city of the island of Espiritu Santo in Northern Vanuatu.  Medical Santo is committed to supporting the NPH and our volunteers are well respected in the community.

Volunteer Medical Professionals for 2 weeks to 1 year

We need Volunteers from all medical backgrounds, Doctors, Surgeons, Paramedics, Pathologists, RN’s, EEN’s, Optometrists, Dentists, Radiographers, Lab Technicians and all others.

If you welcome a challenge and want to develop your clinical abilities in a developing country, or would value gaining some experience in a third world country while working in a tropical paradise then THIS IS FOR YOU!

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