Who We Are

Churches of Christ Medical Santo (Medical Santo) is a Christian not-for-profit humanitarian aid organisation, registered in Vanuatu as a Charitable Association to provide Primary Health Services and support to the existing health services in Northern Vanuatu.  Medical Santo is governed  by an Executive Committee that oversees all aspects of the operation and ensures  the medical services provided are in line with the needs of communities.

We are dedicated to working in partnership with the Vanuatu Ministry of Health to provide support and to build the capacity of local medical staff in a way which respects the local community, meets human needs both physical and spiritual, and works for a lasting change in the lives of all those we interact with.

Where It Began


The Dream

Medical Santo grew out of a  dream that the people living in the Northern Islands of Vanuatu could one day  have access to the level of medical care that people in developed countries like Australia can call on 24 hours a day.  For these communities,  death and serious sickness is far too common, and family and friends are needlessly lost through  illnesses that have long since been able to be treated and managed.  The journey toward realising this dream began through the resources, determination and hard work of some very committed Christian families from Vanuatu, Australia and New Zealand.  Families who saw the need and were determined to be part of the solution.

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First Steps

In a single week in 2012, 26 meetings with concerned organisations, government agencies and influential people were held in Vanuatu and all encouraged the team to proceed. The concept of developing a Medical Clinic and preventive health strategies for the northern areas of Vanuatu emerged and  following a successful application to the Vanuatu Government, Medical Santo became a Registered Charitable Association, Not For Profit with Vanuatu Business Registration on the 4th September 2012.

With the help of friends, supporters and businesses from Vanuatu, New Zealand and Australia the team purchased and renovated a building in Luganville on the island of Espiritu Santo and turned it into a Medical Clinic. A dedication service run by the Vanuatu Conference of Churches of Christ was held at the clinic on the 8th May 2013  and was attended by CEO Dean Phelan and Senior Executive Gerry Weatherall representing Churches of Christ in Qld., members of the Vanuatu Government and Community Leaders. The clinic officially opened for business on the 23rd May 2013. 


2020 was a real challenge for so many around the world.  The quick response from the Vanuatu Government to close the border protected the country  from any outbreak of COVID 19 which has been a great blessing. 

We continue to build and strengthen relationships with many local and overseas organisations that provide us with crucial support and enable us to deliver improved medical services.  Through 2020 we were able to employ a a local doctor which enabled Medical Santo to continue to provide Medical Services even though we could not bring in volunteers.  Our full time clinic manager has  continued to provide quality management and supervision to our medical work throughout this time.  

As we move into 2021 we are hopeful that Volunteers can resume traveling to Vanuatu so all the services of Medical Santo can operate at full capacity and those that have so wonderfully coped over this last year can get a well earned break.  The high priority for us is to find the medical volunteers, support staff, medical and non-medical companies, organisations and individuals to partner with us in bringing quality medical services to the North .

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The health services that need to be provided in the Northern Islands of Vanuatu are growing at a steady rate. We need a full time doctor to come on board which will lift our service to the next  level.  We are receiving many more request for services to the outer islands. 

2021 will see the  development of Radiology Services which are critically needed.   We have a good foundation, good relationships and outstanding medical services which has put the clinic and our rural field work on a firm footing.  The changes coming in 2021 will allow us to grow our capacity to a new level and service capability.  

With these steps going forward, we require the ongoing support of volunteers, organisations and individuals more than ever.  We invite you to be a part of this service to the Vanuatu people.

The Support Team


Reaching thousands of people each year

Your support is vital to providing quality medical care in Northern Vanuatu. Click on the button to go to our Australian based partner, Pacific Islands Health and Education Limited website to process your donation.

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