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Air-Vanuatu-e1326323230113Medical Santo is based in the town of Luganville on the island of Espiritu Santo, which is the second largest town in Vanuatu. It is about a one hour flight north of the capital Port Vila. Air Vanuatu flies direct Brisbane to Santo on Tuesday mornings and a direct return flight is on Sunday evenings. Other flights to Santo come from Brisbane, Sydney and New Zealand via Port Vila.

Please note: There are current travel restrictions in place for Vanuatu due to COVID 19.

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The current population of around 15,000 people in Luganville is quite diverse. It comprises a vast majority of ni-Vanuatu with a small population of Chinese and European descendants. Some of the locals, although residing in Luganville, come from other parts of Espiritu Santo or different islands within Vanuatu. Tourists come to visit the resorts and beautiful beaches as well as dive the wreck of the USS President Coolidge and other war time relics.

Vanuatu is a safe place to visit. The people are extremely friendly and food is never in short supply. The weather remains warm all year round with the only two seasons being ‘wet’ and ‘dry’.

When your not at work…

There are significant tourist opportunities in this northern area of Vanuatu. It is Medical Santo’s focus to ensure all staff and volunteers have a balanced lifestyle and make the most of this South Pacific paradise whilst volunteering with Medical Santo. This is currently one of the rewards we can provide for you when taking up this volunteer role. Many opportunities are available including SCUBA diving, caving, and exploring the natural beaches and freshwater lagoons on Santo while you provide both a humanitarian medical aid clinic and support the work load in the Northern Area hospital.  There are also many side trips you can organise on the way home to islands such as Tanna to walk on the rim of an active Volcano or Pentecost Island that offers the renowned “Land Diving”.


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